What is Travocation?


Travocation is a unique travel agency that tailors its services to every customer! We offer travel services to meet individual focuses such as price, style, or luxury preferences. Our priority is to customize your travel to your every demand.


Our services include:

  • Flights
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Excursions
  • Customized Itineraries
  • Connecting fellow travelers through our blog
  • Cruises coming soon!


Our goal is to provide specialized itineraries based off of your common interests, budget, expectations, and comfort levels. Not only do we PLAN the itineraries, but we also BOOK everything for you! We take the hassle out of planning, so you can focus on bigger things, like what to pack! We understand that many customers are just looking for cheap flights, so for your convenience, we have integrated search engines that allow you to search for flights directly.

Where do I Start?


If you are looking for flights on a specific date or time, proceed to our Flights page here.

If you are looking to travel somewhere, but are not sure where, check out our Popular Destinations page.

When you have narrowed down your search to a general area, fill out the Free Quote form here.


From there, a Travocation specialist will get in contact with you quickly with a loose itinerary estimate based on the information provided. If you would like to proceed, you can book an appointment with our specialists to make sure we provide exactly what you want! At this point you will place a small, nonrefundable deposit that will go towards your vacation, and the final invoice will be sent to you when it is ready for you to book!

What is in an Itinerary?


Based off of your answers from our customized form we are able to create a unique itinerary that best fits your interests, needs, wants, and budget. The itinerary covers everything you request, from your flights to and from the destination, excursions, meals, transportation, accomodations, etc. Simply click here to get a free quote before booking anything!

How Does the Pricing Work?


Our flight search engine is free of charge! However, please be aware that some low price flights will not be listed. For the most up to date prices, please fill out a form for a free quote!


For flights booked through a specialist, a $25 fee will be charged per round trip flight booked. 

For any other services through a specialist, a lower than industry standard commission rate* will be applied to your total invoice, equal to 9%. The invoice will be sent via email. 

*Please note that for full itineraries, the $25 fee for flights will be waived. 


For vacations $5,000 and above the commission rate will drop to 7.5%! 

If you book a second vacation of $5,000 or more in one year, you will get a free Premium Travocationer membership!

Vacations with a notice of less than one week of departure will be subject to an 11% commission rate.


 In the case that your quote at the absolute lowest package is greater than the budget provided, and you decide to proceed based on that price estimate, the commission fee will be based on the package estimate.


*The industry standard is typically 12-15%!!! 

**All commission rates are based on total budget. 

Are There Any Discounts?


Yes! You can receive discounts by referring friends! In order to qualify, you simply need to be an Entry Level Travocationer. You can join for free by simply providing us your email address! More details about the Travocationer Program are found at the bottom of this page.

How Do I Pay?


All invoices will be sent via email. Payments are processed securely through PayPal. All major credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as payment through an existing PayPal account. 


***PLEASE NOTE: All invoices will be sent through a secure @travocation domain. Do not respond or send payment to any emails that do not end in "@travocation.com"

How Much Can I Save?*


To help demonstrate real savings, we made a table for easy comparison. 

Note: This table features flights and accommodations using the same dates. Flights were taken from a low price flight company, for round trip flights, and accommodations were taken using the industry average of $150 per night.


*Exact prices vary between dates. This table should be used only for general comparison.


Vacation Costs from Florida (USA) to Paris (France)

Florida to Paris Stand​ard Costs Travocation
Flight $2,200 $350
Accomodations 1 week $1,050 $210
Total $3,250 $560
You Save $2,690



Vacation Costs from NYC (USA) to Copenhagen (Denmark)

NYC to Copenhagen Stand​ard Costs Travocation
Flight $2,500 $278
Accomodations 1 week $1,050 $210
Total $3,550 $488
You Save $3,062

What is the Travocationer Program?


Become an Entry Level Travocationer and enjoy perks such as:

  • Customized price drop alerts for vacations and flights leaving from your closest airport
  • A 20% vacation package discount for your birthday
  • 10% discounts on vacations when you refer a friend (who will also receive a 10% discount on his or her first booking)
  • Insider alerts to collaborations and discounts in conjunction with Travocation
  • More perks coming soon! (We are open to suggestions! Tell us here.)


Or, join our Premium Travocationer club to enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Free "black card" to be recognized as a Premium Travocationer
    • Black Cards grant FREE entry and free drinks** at special Travocationer events (Locations and times of these events will be disclosed on our social media pages. Find our social media pages here.)
  • 20% discounts on vacations when you refer a friend (who will also receive a 20% discount on his/her first booking when he/she signs up to the Premium Travocationer club)
  • Goody bags tailored to your tastes from the many brands and partners we work with (we have a lot!)
  • Discounted rate of 7.5% commission fees for ALL vacation packages
  • Double the chances to win our giveaway trips via social media entries and raffle entries
  • And more coming soon!


     ​Annual fee starting at $150!

  • Can be paid in installments starting at just $30, while enjoying all Premium benefits after first installment!


*Referrals must complete transaction for any discounts to be allocated to the referee.

**Must be of legal drinking age in location of events. Guests underage entitled to free soft drinks


**Please make sure to indicate which program you would like to join when applying! Premium Travocationer applicants will receive an invoice via email after signing up.


*By filling any free quote requests on Travocation, you are acknowledging that you agree to the terms and conditions set by Travocation.

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