Luxury Travel


This segment is specifically designed for those who want to travel like celebrities.   

We can make this possible at an affordable price! Pick a popular route, or create a customized trip.


Travocation aids in luxury travel through:



Travocation is affiliated with private jet companies in the United States. Our partners are currently focused on domestic flights. International private flights coming soon!

  • ​Discounted premium flight tickets
  • Discounted private jet fares
    • Customized routes on demand
    • Upgrade your commercial flight ticket to a private jet ticket
    • ​Rent out an entire plane



  • Villas
  • Private homes
  • Resorts
  • Highly rated hotel rooms for discounted rates
  • Day vacations at highly rated hotels in Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), and New York (NY), with more cities coming soon!


Planned transportation

  • Private vehicles
  • Cheaffeured planning available


Music Festivals 

  • Ultra Electronic Festival
  • Winter Music Conference
  • Coachella
  • Bonnaroo
  • EZoo
  • MEF


**Travocation collaborates with social media influencers for special projects! Please contact us for more information.


*By filling any free quote requests on Travocation, you are acknowledging that you agree to the terms and conditions set by Travocation.

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